FTO Analysis – Check If Your Product Is Infringing Someone’s Patent

Do you apperceive if you use someone’s bookish acreage in your product/service or added business activities after permission, it can actualize a lot of problems in the future? Yes, this is true. No amount the industry your business belongs to; whether it is automobile, healthcare, education, advice technology, online services, or entertainment, you charge to be accustomed with the appellation IP INFRINGEMENT.

What is IP infringement?

A apparent is an absolute appropriate accepted to the artist to exclude others from making, using, or affairs his technologies. IP contravention refers to application patented technologies after permission, and in such case, the patentee can yield acknowledged activity adjoin the infringers. The IP aegis is accurate for 20 years from the affair date.

Let’s yield an example. Suppose, you invented a baby toy, and you wish to acquire money by affairs the units in your country/region. Would you acquiesce your neighbors to accomplish the agnate or adapted versions, and advertise in the market? Of advance not. Patenting your abstraction allows you use your abstraction the way you wish to, and stop IP contravention activities. If you begin copycats, you can book IP contravention case, and get royalties.

If you can’t acquiesce anyone to use your avant-garde idea, why would others acquiesce you to do so? If you use someone’s bookish property, you can be sued in the court. Thus, if accomplishment a product/service or planning any business strategies, consistently accomplish abiding you are not accomplishing any affectionate of apparent infringement.

How do I apperceive If I am anarchic someone’s IP rights?

This is a accepted question, which about every businessperson has nowadays. Apparent contravention doesn’t beggarly that you carefully abduct someone’s IP rights. Suppose, you developed a product/service, which uses the aforementioned design, concept, technology area, alive principle, etc. on which anyone holds apparent (but you don’t accept ability about that). If you accompany your product/service in the market, you will be accountable for apparent infringement.

Every apparent has a affirmation section, which describes the ambit of the invention, breadth of IP protection, etc. By belief claims, you can apperceive whether you are anarchic someone’s IP rights. But, there are a amount of apparent applications filed every month, how do you assay IP infringement? Get FTO Analysis!

FTO is an abbreviated anatomy of Freedom to Operate, and it helps actuate if you are chargeless to set up your business operations or barrage a product/service in a country/region after accomplishing any IP infringement. FTO abstraction provides complete data about the patented technologies (in a accustomed country/region) agnate to that of your product.

FTO assay allows you to:

  • Apperceive affairs of IP contravention for new artefact launches.
  • Actuate competitors’ accessible products/services, technologies and programs.
  • Apperceive IP licensing opportunities.
  • Develop absolute business strategies, and access success rate.


The artefact development action is not simple, and requires a lot of time and money. If your artefact infringes the patented technologies, you can be bent in austere IP contravention cases. So, afore ablution your product/service, get FTO assay done from a accounted IP company, and abstain apparent contravention in the future.